Are you getting the best out of your air conditioner?  Without regular, professional maintenance, probably not.  Like any complex appliance, your cooling system requires cleaning, tuning, and adjustment to maintain peak performance.  Elevated sound levels, more frequent repairs, higher energy consumption, and shortened service life are some of the consequences of neglected service.  When you trust the upkeep of your HVAC equipment to Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc., we make sure you enjoy uninterrupted comfort without any of the worries or hassle.

Take care of your A/C service now and stay cool all season long

It pays to be proactive.  With a maintenance plan from Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc., our NATE-certified technicians perform regular and thorough inspections of your complete system.  Troubleshooting catches the majority of problems before they turn into major and costly malfunctions.  Something as simple as a loose electrical connection can cause unsafe operation and reduce the life of major components.  Without lubrication, friction is generated, overworking motors and increasing energy consumption.  Too much or too little refrigerant will diminish efficiency and cooling capacity.  Problems with blower components hinders airflow, reducing efficiency by up to fifteen percent.  These simple problems are easily corrected when caught before they impact the entire system.  Conscientious tuning by Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc. saves you time and money, reducing operational costs, eliminating breakdowns, and ensuring reliable performance.

A clean, well-adjusted system operates safely and at peak capacity.  Your equipment can’t begin to match the manufacturers stipulations for efficiency if airflow is restricted due to dirt and grime.  Over time, a lot of nasty things can build up inside a split system.  Dust, pollen, bugs, webs, animal feces, and even dead rodents are among the possibilities.  While you can’t see these pollutants, they are driving energy bills needlessly high and threatening your air quality.  Your air conditioner requires a great deal of air transfer to maintain comfortable temperatures.  When the system is clogged with debris, equipment struggles, drawing more electricity and increasing wear and tear.  The warm, damp environment inside the system also promotes decomposition and growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.  These contaminants easily become airborne, infecting breathing air, and leading to major health concerns.

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The professionals from Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc. perform a long list of services designed to protect your system from a wide range of common problems.  Replacing faulty or broken parts in the spring, comprehensive cleaning, tightening, and adjustment gets your air conditioner ready to handle the long, hot summer, and maintain a healthy, comfortable indoor environment.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we rely on Factory Authorized Parts to restore system efficiency, sound levels, and durability.  Know that a maintenance plan from Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc. is the most cost-effective means of ensuring reliable operation year after year.  Your system will cost less to run, ward off repairs, last longer, and provide superior cooling, filtration, and dehumidification.