Would you like all of the benefits of central air conditioning, with none of the drawbacks of installing ductwork?  With a ductless mini split system, all you need is a three-inch hole in an outside wall.  Installation is quick, convenient, and virtually mess-free.  These compact and modern alternatives to forced air systems answer all of your needs without any costly or invasive renovation.  Inverter technology allows the system to continuously adapt its speed to match the temperature demands of the home, significantly improving efficiency.

Enjoy the heating and cooling power of a ductless HVAC system!

Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc. offers sophisticated solutions to home temperature control that integrate seamlessly into your home decor.  Because the indoor unit is extremely slim and able to be mounted high on the wall, it allows much more flexibility of design.  These systems are quiet, extremely efficient, and provide all the advantages of room by room conditioning.

The team from Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc. is NATE-certified, factory trained, and equipped to complete your project from start to finish.  Through hands-on experience and extensive product knowledge, we make helpful recommendations, answer any concerns you may have, and ensure rewarding and accurate installation.  For state-of-the-art heating and cooling in Mandeville and across St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, trust the experts from Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc..

Some of the many advantages of ductless mini splits include:

  • Mounted high on the wall, where it is least obtrusive, these systems effectively and quietly direct treated air to every corner of the room.
  • There’s no need to sacrifice the view from your favorite window to bulky portable units.
  • Installation doesn’t require major renovations to your home.  There’s none of the mess or cost of cutting holes in walls, ceilings, floors, or through precious closet space.
  • Without ductwork, energy losses are cut to less than 5%.  This compares to up to 40% for traditional forced air systems.
  • Ductless mini splits require only a small three- to four-inch hole in an outside wall, which is then sealed to prevent moisture and drafts.
  • With up to eight indoor units, you’ll enjoy room-by-room temperatures, enabling customization of each zone.
  • With the ability to only condition occupied spaces, less energy is needed, saving money on utility bills.
  • The outdoor unit can be located up to fifty feet away from the indoor evaporator, allowing it to be located in an inconspicuous place.
  • The compact indoor unit is able to be mounted high on the wall or ceiling.
  • Remote control makes it easy to turn the system on and off, and adjust temperature and fan speeds.
  • Inverter technology enables the system to continuously adapt speed to answer the conditions inside the home, providing much more consistent temperatures.
  • The sound generated by the indoor unit is about the level of a whisper.
  • The sound generated by the outdoor unit is about the level of a normal conversation.

Contact the friendly team at Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc. today to find out if a ductless system is right for you!