During those cold winter days and nights, your home comfort depends on your heating system.  This complicated marriage of components needs to work precisely and properly in order to deliver uninterrupted performance.  Over months and years of service, dirt and intense usage will compromise equipment.  Small difficulties with a single component will hinder the entire system.  The result is higher operational costs and decreased comfort.  Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc. offers a cost-effective solution.  Regular maintenance, performed by our NATE-certified professionals, optimizes your investment.  We accommodate your schedule, keep the process neat, quick, and affordable, and make sure you stay comfortable.

Annual heating service you can depend on

Every year, we answer no-heat repair calls.  Nearly every one is because of neglected maintenance and could have been prevented.  Your system can’t continue to perform to expectations without yearly tuning, and is most likely to quit when it’s working at maximum capacity.  Instead of dealing with a breakdown in the middle of a cold winter’s night, enroll in a convenient maintenance plan.  Our factory trained technicians will service your equipment in the fall, making sure it’s in tip-top condition and ready to handle the upcoming workload.  This allows time to order any needed replacement parts, and through careful inspection, adjustment, and troubleshooting, eliminates most malfunctions.

Energy costs are on everybody’s mind.  Home and business owners are always concerned with wasted energy, high utility bills, and possible ways to save.  The most cost-effective and rewarding means of conserving energy is through annual HVAC maintenance.  When you count on Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc. to manage the upkeep of your heating equipment, we take proactive measures to maximize efficiency.  Keeping your system well-adjusted, tightened, lubricated, and clean allows it to operate at peak capability.  Without professional cleaning, dust, dander, pollen, mold, and mildew gradually builds up on the inner workings.  Insects, webs, plant matter, construction debris, and even dead mice play havoc with performance.  Necessary airflow is hindered.  Friction, longer run times, and overworked motors are caused.  That translates into higher utility bills, less comfort, and the possibility of overheating.

Maintenance isn’t all about energy efficiency and comfort.  Professional inspection from Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc. ensures safe operation.  Without yearly cleaning, contaminants within the system may be introduced into your breathing air every time the furnace activates.  When breathed by family members, these allergens pose a serious health risk.  It is not uncommon for households with defective furnaces to experience headaches, nausea, allergies, asthma, and upper respiratory infections.  You may notice insufficient humidity levels, particles in the air, unpleasant smells, and frequent static shock.  There is also the risk of fire or leaking carbon monoxide.  The specialists from Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc. will check for correct start up, operation, and shutdown of your system.

Get in touch with our team today to ensure your heating system service is always up to date!

At Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc., our goal is to be your number one choice for HVAC services.  Personalized attention, prompt response, conscientious workmanship, and competitive rates guarantee your complete satisfaction.  Through a convenient and cost effective maintenance agreement, you can forget all about your heating system woes and just enjoy the comfort it provides.  We’ll handle the upkeep, prevent repairs, optimize efficiency, and protect the quality of your temperature control.  For the most rewarding solution to year round savings and uninterrupted performance, call Pabst Cooling Solutions, Inc. today.